Dr. Yuxiang Sun, Research Associate, HKUST, 孫宇翔, 香港科技大學

Project Demonstrations:

4. The video demo of the vision-based trajectory planning via imitation learning for autonomous vehicles (2019):
We create our dataset from the RobotCar dataset.

3. The video demo of the traversability analysis for robotic wheelchair navigation (2019):
The used sensors is an Intel Realsense D435 camera. We test 5 typical indoor scenarios.(YouTube Video)

2. The video demo for 3-D Visual SLAM using an RGB-D camera (2016):
This is a demonstration video for wheel-encoder aided RGB-D SLAM. The used sensors are Asus Xtion and Turtlebot wheel encoder. The test environment is a large hallway.(YouTube Video)

1. The video demo for 2-D Lidar-based SLAM (Low-cost RPLidar) (2016):
This is a demonstration video for 2-D Lidar-based SLAM. The used sensor is only one low-cost RPLidar. The test environment is an office room.(YouTube Video)